Four years of moving business by moving and connecting people

As individuals and as organisations we have all faced unexpected and unprecedented challenges in 2020. Of course, none of us knows what the future will look like. But what happens when we dare to see a potential future? Above and beyond! What happens when we dare to clearly describe where we want to be and discover the motivation to let go of the past? Trust the process!

On 1 September, 2016 I founded I.AM.SJÖSTRAND with the dream of helping organisations achieve outstanding results by developing business, people, culture and competence. All at the same time! Today we develop custom-made programmes based on your business’s specific goals and needs. We power change through highly interactive, face-to-face workshops, each of which is reinforced through hands-on, real-world application and supportive coaching. We offer a unique combination of proven methodologies, together with broad professional experience and rich personal insight.

Four years of moving businesses and people

Over the past four years I’ve gathered experience working with many different big companies. For example, in 2020 I continued a global change journey with IKEA, the world’s large furniture retailer. Together we transformed individuals and positioned the IKEA team for remarkable results.

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Teaching people to see themselves

The methods at I.AM.SJÖSTRAND dig beyond a person’s behaviours to reveal transformational insight into how those behaviours are rooted in the authentic self-concept of each individual. We don’t ask people to change who they are, we ask them to become more like themselves. It’s bold. It’s empowering. And we believe it’s the foundation for achieving outstanding results.

Wake up! Bringing people back to life.

The I.AM.SJÖSTRAND approach wakes people up, shakes them out of the everyday and energises them with new perspectives. Our participants feel more alive. More authentic. Less stressed out. And more focused on getting better results faster. We create lasting connections and the journey together inspires a closeness that creates new, complex and powerful networks that unleash potential and solve problems faster.

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Support through trustful dialogue 

The I.AM.SJÖSTRAND approach is deeply personal. We guide participants on a journey of self-discovery and self-definition, providing individual support and encouragement at exactly the moment it’s needed. Through a relationship of trust, we uncover the full potential of each individual. We believe this is what drives outstanding results for the business. And, just as importantly, outstanding results for people.

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Who am I?

I am Cecilia Sjöstrand and I founded I.AM.SJÖSTRAND on a strong belief that happier individuals and teams create sustainable change and long-term results. And it’s not just a belief! I’ve gathered proof that it works through more than 20 years of first-hand development, experience and evidence from around world.

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Let’s talk!

I help your business shape meaningful, rewarding transformation. Contact me and let’s talk!