Our approach brings people back to life

The I.AM.SJÖSTRAND approach wakes people up, shakes them out of the everyday and energises them with new perspectives. Our participants feel more alive. More authentic. Less stressed out. And more focused on getting better results faster.

Developing business through people


The change journeys

Our assignments take you and your team through an experience-based change programme where we always work together with the client in their professional everyday world. We help your leaders and co-workers to adapt and develop in their environment through a number of important and well-proven modules and coaching to make changes happen.


We develop your leaders, teams and business in parallel

We help you explore all angles by taking a holistic approach on the outside, the inside, the team, the company, the individual and the organisation in parallel. We believe that to connect and move companies further, leaders need to first connect with themselves to be able to lead others, both physically, mentally and intellectually.

We establish a new mindset

Your mindset is at the core of everything you do, both as a person and as an organisation. It’s what you believe and what you value. That mindset shapes the way you see the world and the way you react and connect to it. That also affects the result you get in your organisation.

We work in your daily reality

We link personal development, team development, competence development and business development in a programme with a systematic support structure, such as coaching between the modules. Everything happens in parallel and in your day-to-day business reality.

We reveal hidden obstacles

Relationships are more valuable than strategies. Many organisations face hidden obstacles to change and the solutions are found in the relationships. These complex networks of relationships are the true heart and soul of any organisation. It’s here that we discover the passion and energy that gives a business its deep, unique aliveness. Commitment, innovation and creativity are all nourished here. We unleash the inner strength to take away barriers.

We help you build essential support structures

In order to break through and achieve extraordinary results for any organisation, we have to establish the right support structures. We help you develop innovative support structures that do not fall back on old designs with the same old results. By understanding the landscape and the reality you are facing – internally and externally – we create a support structure that fits your purpose. A structure that will help you make the impossible possible.

Customers I have been honored to work with include:


“Being coached by Cecilia ensures that you will challenge yourself and look at opportunities in a new way. You will be given tools and tasks to develop your skills and Cecilia is holding your back when exploring the extraordinary. Cecilia will also help you understand your motivational factors, drives, barriers and values, making you a more genuine and authentic leader.”

Charlotta Fellman – Chief Marketing Officer at Kährs Group

I was coached by Cecilia and her team and it produced amazing results. There are loads of this type of training about but what makes this really stand out and work are two things that are really different. 1) the approach they take working with individuals but also at a team level. 2) the focus they put on setting an “extraordinary result” to achieve and on making an “inner and outer change” to really make it work. Superb and would recommend.

Gagandeep Gadri – Vice President at Capgemini Invent