We can’t change the big picture before we change ourselves.

“The more you become you, the less competitors you have.”

Cecilia Sjöstrand – Founder of I.AM.SJÖSTRAND

Why change from ordinary to extraordinary?

Unleash the power of attractive leaders

Most organisations have vast, untapped potential just through improved leadership and happier, healthier co-workers. The pressure of modern life is putting higher demands on people. More and more leaders are struggling with the internal and external pressure in an ever-changing world.

Can you afford to have it like that?

We help you and your organisation create attractive organisations through happier individuals and teams.

Are you ready?

Working with business development and change starts with yourself.

Change requires motivation and insight

Often it’s when identifying what needs to be done that organisations face the biggest biases and have to overcome a sense of comfort to achieve extraordinary results. We hold your space so you don’t fall back to old patterns and behaviours.

The journey to breakthrough

We work on internal ownership and external relevance to drive changes. To do that, the organisation needs to be able to see the whole reality and set the future picture it needs. Seeing the participation that will change is when the journey to the breakthrough begins.

Enduring for the future

It doesn’t help to be curious about the future if you can’t bear to see the whole reality and define where you win or lose the match. Endurance is tested when you systematically complete what is necessary and dare to choose what is no longer needed in the future.

“I am very grateful to have met Cecilia and worked with her on my personal and professional development. The journey she made with me in the last 3 years was key for my professional growth. I have developed my strengths because I became deeply aware of my vulnerabilities. Our individual meetings, but also the way she facilitated team meetings, or even her podcast, were all special tools to support my leadership in moments of change. Thank you, Cecilia!”

Helena Gouveia – Country Marketing Manager

“Cecilia!!! She has been my coach. My trainer. My network leader. Cecilia is challenging, courageous, knowledgeable and full of warmth and empathic understanding. Why? She brings ALL of herself, her life experience, her feelings, thoughts and ideas into every interaction she has with you. I can deeply recommend Cecilia at whatever point you are in your transformation or change journey. I know she will add a valuable piece to your puzzle. Each time I meet her brings me a smile, and I know I will leave our meeting with something new to ponder.”

Mats Tallving –  Director Leading Change