A stubborn belief in making the impossible possible

“By challenging organisations and teams to embark on a journey of discovery I help you shape meaningful, rewarding change.”

Cecilia Sjöstrand – Founder of I.AM.SJÖSTRAND

Film by: Marcel Kampman – Happy Places Project

So who am I?

I am Cecilia Sjöstrand and I founded this company on a strong belief that happier individuals and teams create sustainable change and long-term results. And it’s not just a belief! I’ve gathered more than 20 years of first-hand work, experience and evidence from around world. By challenging organisations and teams to embark on a journey of discovery I help you shape meaningful, rewarding change.

For many years my home was in Småland, Sweden, where IKEA, the global furniture retailer, has its roots. Developing in these surroundings made it natural for me to look well beyond my immediate surroundings to have a global outlook. These qualities gave me a backbone that has taken me all over the world in my mission to develop people’s leadership in diverse cultures. To make the impossible possible.


“We don’t ask people to change who they are, we ask them to become more like themselves.”

Cecilia Sjöstrand – Founder of I.AM.SJÖSTRAND


A journey of curiosity, change, chaos and passion for people

After more than two decades of working globally, I have learned that I thrive in environments of change. This is my journey. This path has helped define my passion for communicating across borders, whether they are cultural or personal. Following my long international experience and several leadership and management certifications I found that today I have the tools to work with any team or group of people.

Who are we?

At I AM SJÖSTRAND we strongly believe in working as a network organization where the best competences in the market come together to create an extraordinary result for our clients. We are a global collaboration that works with the best partners for what the assignment requires.

It all comes together

Combining these tools with my insights and extensive experiences, I started I AM SJÖSTRAND. Our mission is to make the impossible possible for people and companies. I challenge you and your team to embark on a journey of discovery, where the destination is happier individuals and teams that create sustainable change and results.