Embrace a real environment of change

“By challenging organisations and teams to embark on a journey of discovery we help you shape meaningful, rewarding change world wide. Are you ready?

Cecilia Sjöstrand – Founder of I.AM.SJÖSTRAND

Shaping change to create attractive organisations

Our team develops leaders, groups and organisations as a whole. We help leaders and co-workers to adapt and develop in their environment. We keep their backs through the entire process and it always starts from the top management to make changes happen. From there we create the right support structure with a dynamic change journey where we build knowledge to incorporate into your business — all to ensure that you continue to developing in an ever shifting, digitised world.

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Developing business through people!

I am Cecilia Sjöstrand and I founded I.AM.SJÖSTRAND on a strong belief that happier individuals and teams create sustainable change and long-term results.

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The dynamic Change journey

In this era of digitalisation and hyper connectivity, co-workers have ever-higher expectations of their leaders. It’s no longer enough to “manage” the status quo. True power in delivery comes by leading ahead of the curve.

We work with your organisation to turn the extraordinary into the tangible and possible. We work together with your leaders to unleash the true power of your organisation and overcome the barriers that work against change.

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DARE – The network of brave leaders

DARE is an international network of experienced facilitators with forefront expertise in personal & business development. DARE stands for going above and beyond. DARE, together with all members, creates a common learning zone, exploring the inner and outer changes that can take companies to a whole new level. How do you create joy in chaos? Or how do you dare to lead into the unknown?

DARE is all about exchanging experiences and deepening understanding by actively creating full presence intellectually, emotionally, and physically, with the members from 28 organizations.

“The movement where amazing, whatever I am going to do next I will bring this with me. We all feel more has happened in the last 12 months than in the past 5 years. Whatever we have done to break through it works.

The power of connecting to people and working together towards an extraordinary result was outstanding.”

Peter Wright – Attract and Activate Manager

“I have had the pleasure to work close to I.AM.SJÖSTRAND for more than 2 years. I.AM.SJÖSTRAND has been leading a global Change Journey a great radical collaboration program for our global marketing community and thanks to her tools & structure and even more her energy and very honest “not afraid to challenge” personality she has supported us to create a very strong collaborative team across all markets.

Johanna Andrén – Head of Marketing


I.AM.SJÖSTRAND and the team have been instrumental in helping us drive this transformation in our business. As a result today we have at its strongest position than before.

Personally for me, as well, it has been an extremely rewarding journey. The entire intervention by the global team and Cecilia’s team, not only gave me the tools, the language and the framework to driving change, but it also helped build the courage to drive leadership from within myself.

Amitabh Pande – Country Marketing & CCI Manager