Never has the world spun so fast, never have so many been paralyzed. In this digitized era many people and organizations are standing still, focusing on the big storm of change, trying to grasp a chance to dive in at the right moment. But the key for developing is to first understand who you are, what your purpose is, and find your real — often unseen — opportunities in this storm. 

Though, change is not about changing who you are — it is about breaking habits and creating new structures to achieve the results you want. Both as an individual and as an organization! If you don’t find a way to do it together you will break apart by the strong winds.

There is a clear connection between vitality and efficiency; between self-esteem and productivity; and between courage and success in an organization. You cannot create sustainable change just by simply following a strategic plan. To create progress your company will have to work actively on all levels, and transform the organization as a whole. You can’t separate the inner and outer perspectives — you must work with both at the same time.

The people are your business. And to transform peopleyou have to inspire and lead in the changes you want to see.