Working with business development and change starts with yourself. In many ways, change has been the only constant in my life. My upbringing in rural Småland was the perfect environment for developing a self-determination as a business person.

After studying, working and living in countries like Norway, The Netherlands and many years in China, I have experienced different cultures and developed some insights from my broader perspective. One such lesson I have learn’t, is that ’you will only succeed if you can gather everyone on the quest for the goal’.

For many years I have worked as project manager, interior designer and business developer for a large global company. It showed me the value of working with people and the importance of individuals, culture and structures to the eventual success of a business.

I’ve come to realize that there are many people talking about change — but very few with an idea of how to create change. To see real change occur, you must first see yourself as an important and valuable stakeholder in that change — you are a leader because you are an influencer.

I am Sjöstrand, who are you? 

What does the customer say?